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Principles for superb salads

saladMaking a salad may sound simple and you may be wondering why we are featuring a post on the principles of a superb salad. Well, rather than just having lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and a bit of onion along with maybe a protein of some sort why not listen to Jamie Oliver talking us through what else we can do to create a really interesting salad that doesn’t have to involve just these few ingredients. He takes us right back to basics on what leaves to buy, why not to buy them already pre-packed and brings out an old favourite – the salad spinner! How retro! Using this will help dry out your lettuce leaves for when you add a delicious dressing to your salad at the end. He also gives tips on how to prepare your salad items to make it more interesting along with how to add crunch and texture. Having watched this video I think I may have a superb salad myself for supper tonight with my steak!

Do you have a favourite ingredient that you always add to your salad to give it a different taste? Do you have a delicious dressing which you add? Why not let us know by leaving us a comment….

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