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Preserving Summer: Marmalade, Curd And Jam Recipes That Go Beyond!

Fruit preserves

You do know there’s more to preserving summer fruit than just making jam, right? Jam making is the traditional method for enjoying the spoils of summer during the chilly winter months. However, you can also make marmalades and curds that essentially do the same thing.

The standard jam uses strawberry, and the recipes for other fruit vary little from each other. But I have includes some fabulous recipes from top food bloggers, like the one from Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen.

Marmalade is often thought of as using only savile oranges. Every thought of using a carrot? Yep, someone has and you can find that recipe below.

As to curds, lemon is the standard so I’ve stayed well away from that and looked at other more interesting ideas instead.

All in all, a lovely selection of ideas that you will want to make and store. Just imagine pulling out a jar of Strawberry Curd for your morning toast while snow lays fresh on the ground…

Lovely Jam recipes

How to make Blackcurrant Jam – Farmersgirl Kitchen

This year has been particularly good for blackcurrants in my garden. We had a warm dry spell in early summer when the flowers were pollinated and ‘set’. Since then we have had an awful lot of rain, not great for other things, but the blackcurrants absolutely love it and are nice and big and juicy and perfect for Blackcurrant Jam!

Blueberry Jam // Preserving Summer – Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

The first preserving session of the season happened this past weekend and it was awesome. We have this little blueberry stand down the road from us, Murphy’s Blueberries and we stock up anytime we see pints of blueberries displayed in the little blue cart on the side of the road. Mrs. Murphy is exactly how I pictured her to be, the cutest little old lady that sports a house dress and apron who goes to Church on Sunday’s. with Mr. Murphy. They have the best blueberries and raspberries in town, and now that Justin and I are settled into our new home I actually have time for preserving this year!

Cherry Jam – simple and delicious! – Fab Food 4 All

Ever since I made my first jar of jam a few years ago I became hooked on jam making and have gone on to win a couple of 1st prizes at our local parish show. So every summer I look forward to gluts of fruit that seem to come my way.

Marvelous Marmalade recipes

Orange-Cardamom Marmalade – Country Living

This preserved Orange-Cardamom Marmalade can be spooned over buttered toast, spread on a brioche roll or croissant, or dolloped on a toasted English muffin spread with fresh goat cheese.

Carrot Marmalade Recipes – The Carrot Museum

For the purposes of the European Union’s “Council Directive 2001/113/EC of 20 December 2001 relating to fruit jams, jellies and marmalades and sweetened chestnut purée intended for human consumption” carrots can be defined as a fruit as well as a vegetable. The Directive, written in the 80s and updated in 2001 describes the parameters required for a product to be labelled as jam or marmalade and from which the UK Jam and Similar Products legislation is based, there is the phrase “for the purposes of this directive, tomatoes, the edible part of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and water melons are considered to be fruit”. This was introduced to pacify the Portuguese who are strongly into Carrot Marmalade and it is quite a delicacy!

Sticky Onion Marmalade – Riverford Organic Farmers

This sticky onion marmalade adds a little extra tang to any cheese and biscuit occasion, or great to tie a ribbon around and present as a gift to friends or family. Makes about 2 jars.

Creative Curd Recipes

Peach Curd Takes Precedence Over Citrus – Gourmandistan

The idea of peach curd quite intrigued us. Steve peeled and puréed several peaches, and Michelle carefully stirred up a lovely, marigold-tinted batch which we declared to be excellent. We paired our peach curd with small pâte sucrée tart shells, and the result was a sweet, spicy and slightly tangy treat we now hold in higher regard than any lemon, lime or other citrus curd.

Blueberry, blackcurrant and basil curd – BBC Food Recipes

If you like lemon curd, this summer fruit curd makes a nice twist on that classic. Purple basil leaves add an extra fragrant note.

Strawberry Curd – Baked By Rachel

An easy recipe for homemade strawberry curd. A great addition to your favorite desserts and morning pastries!

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