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How To Prepare Garlic With Jamie Oliver


I love garlic, especially when it’s been pickled. It has so many uses, from adding flavour to roasts right through to Chinese dishes. What I wasn’t aware of though is that flavour of it changes depending on how you prepare it.

How you prepare garlic depends on what it’s going into. If you are making Italian garlic bread then you will need to make it in to a paste. If you are roasting cubed potatoes then you may only half or quarter the garlic and mix it in with some herbs. Of course the best of all is roasted garlic where you leave them whole.

Knowing how the flavour changes when you prepare them is all part of a chef’s knowledge, as are the knife skills that go with it.

In this short video by Jamie Oliver, we learn the different ways to prepare garlic. We also see him using knife skills which we all need.

If you want to know more about cooking with garlic then there is a great book by Helen Sudell, Garlic: A Book of Recipes. Currently available on Amazon UK.

What is your favourite dish or recipe that uses garlic? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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