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5 Fab Pokemon Recipes That Prove You Really Can Eat Them All!


Pokemon is ruling the world, again. It’s back in fashion and this time it’s bigger than ever! It’s been reported that in the first week of the apps availability, there were 15 million downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Yep, it’s popular!

So lets not be outdone here, just because we prefer cooking in the kitchen than wondering around the countryside trying to capture imaginary beasts, doesn’t mean we can’t have some Pokemon fun!

Check out these recipes that feature pokeball cakes and cookies , a snorlax cake and of course Pikachu Cake Pops!!

By the way, if you try out these recipes or have some of your own, we’d love to see some photo’s. You can get involved by either using the contact page or by joining us on Facebook!

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