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Perfect For Mother’s Day, Mary Berry’s Queen Of Puddings


Do you want to create something special for Mother’s Day? With a little bit of concentration and a bit of effort, you can make the ‘Queen of Puddings’ dessert that was created by Mary Berry. It has a layer of custard, a layer of jam and a layer of soft chewy meringue. In the video below, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood go through the steps to create this lovely dessert. It includes the famed ‘Hollywood meringue test’ – holding the bowl of meringue over Mary’s head and shaking it slightly!

What you will need for Mary Berry’s Queen Of Puddings

  • Butter
  • White bread to be made in to crumbs
  • Caster Sugar
  • Milk
  • Lemon (only for the zest)
  • Three fresh eggs (as fresh as possible)
  • Fruit for the jam


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