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Paneer, A Simple Cheese Anyone Can Make

Paneer, A Simple Cheese Anyone Can Make

I love Indian food, any excuse to make a spicy curry. I like to explore the flavours and textures. Most recipes involve vegetables and spices, not to difficult to do as I have a lovely market on my door step twice a week.

However, there’s one thing I’ve not tried and that’s making paneer. It’s really simple to do and it makes for a great project for you to try over the weekend. Also, something you can involve your kids with too.

Paneer is the result of splitting the curds and whey from whole milk with lemon juice or vinegar. You filter through muslin or cheesecloth and then press to remove remaining water. It’s that simple. Not only that, it’s full of protein so it’s great for vegetarians.

On it’s own, it really doesn’t have any flavour, you can add salt but it won’t help much. It’s meant to be used in recipes like Matar Paneer, the gravy is meant to add  theflavour.. Though, if you really want to, you can use powdered herbs or spices. Remember, the more you add the more crumbly it will be.

To demonstrate the making of paneer, we have a video from Madhura from Madhuras Recipes

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