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Now You Can Have Your Cookie Dough And Eat It!

cookie dough cafe

There’s something about cookie dough, we just love to eat it before it’s actually used to make cookies! If your dream is to be able to go out and buy a cup or cone full of the stuff, then your dream has come true. Well, it has if you live in NYC that is. A new cafe called COOKIE DŌ has open in New York which offers cups and ice cream cones stuffed with cookie dough!

If you’re worried about eating raw dough then relax, according to their FAQ’s, it’s completely safe to eat even unbaked…

You heard us right! Finally, cookie dough that you don’t have to pretend you are going to bake! All ingredients in each of our delicious, homemade recipes are completely safe to consume just as they are – unbaked. We give you peace of mind, allowing you to eat a piece of cookie dough heaven how you like it best.

For those concerned with eating uncooked eggs…

For products that typically contain eggs, we use a pasteurized egg product, which means there is NO chance of salmonella. The heat process kills any potentially harmful bacteria. Yay! You can enjoy all DŌ products unbaked.

And for those who question the idea of raw flour being in the dough…

We’re glad you asked! We use a heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour. That means NO chance of food-borne illness or the risk that comes along with eating raw flour products. At, worry-free treats you can’t get sick from! DIG IN!

Insider Food posted to Facebook a video all about the Cafe and their cookie dough treats…

Currently their online ordering system is offline, so anyone interested in testing out their various options will have to make a personal visit.

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