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Not Tried Halloumi Yet? These Recipes Will Show You What You’re Missing!

halloumi cheese

Image by Flickr user Hans Westbeek, modified for this post.

Halloumi cheese is one those things you heard about but perhaps never got round to trying. Today I’m hoping to fix that! However, we should take a look and find out what Halloumi is exactly.

According to the ever helpful Wikipedia Halloumi is, “…a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also cow’s milk“. It has a particularly high melting point which makes it perfect for grilling and frying. Think of mozzarella but a bit more salty and springy to the touch.

It’s a Cypriot cheese that’s popular in the Greece and Turkey – and now very much in demand in the UK.

If you’re feeling  a little more enlightened, then lets go ahead and take a look at some rather interesting recipes that you’re going to want to make. By the way, there’s even a recipe from Delia Smith!

Halloumi, Mint & Courgette Burgers – Raw Rhubarb

Pretty little patties PACKED with halloumi. Because you can never have too much halloumi. Mint for a summery feel & courgette for texture, colour and nutrition. BBQ ready?

Halloumi, rice and green beans – Cook Style

I wanted to use things I had laying around in the fridge, so I’ve made this dish: fried halloumi, rice, green beans and yogurt sauce. It’s easy to make, but the green beans can take a long time to boil, so do allow plenty of time for them.

Slow Cooker Spinach and Halloumi Pearl Barley Risotto – Baking Queen 74

I remembered a recipe in the book Slow Cooked by Miss South (check out her blog too) for a pearl barley risotto, or orzotto (orzo is the Italian word for barley), with beetroot. I decided to take inspiration from that recipe and make a pearl barley risotto with a similar base, using the ingredients in my fridge.

Halloumi …. all hail the Halloumi – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

My lovely tasty salad is a combination of Chickpeas, Halloumi and Avocado (very similar to Liberty London Girls Salad) but this one has added beetroots which add some sweetness. I think it would also be yum with smoked bacon pieces.

Marinated Halloumi Cheese Kebabs With Herbs – Delia Online

Vegetarians often tend to feel deprived when invited to barbecues, so we spent an entire summer finding something that grills well on charcoal and has all the fun and flavour – but without meat. This was the one that fitted the bill perfectly.


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