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Nigel Slater’s Beef And Beer Casserole – A Perfect Weekend Warmer

nigel slater's beef and beer casserole

This weekend, I want you to try a dish from Nigel Slater. It’s a perfect weekend warmer that’s full of flavour and really not that difficult to make. And best of all it’s got beer in it! I picked his beef and beer recipe because of the simplicity of the ingredients but also because it’s not your typical all-in-one casserole

There’s a few things that are unusual about this recipe, not just the combination of beef and beer. The casserole itself does not involve chopping up meat in to small pieces and frying them off as you would normally do. Instead, the beef is fried off whole, left to rest and then added back to the sauce. The sauce itself is made up of beer, onions and for more depth of flavour, added mustard.

Nigel goes a step further by creating an apple sauce, much as you would for pork. Does apple and beef go together? It’s one of those dishes where you going to have to to try it to find out. What ever you think, it sounds like a great an amazing collection of flavours!

Sadly, this post did feature a YouTube video of Nigel making the dish but it seems to have been taken down now. However, the full recipe can be found here.

I really like Nigel Slater’s style. He’s a great presenter, know’s his food and doesn’t go over the top about how wonderful each and every flavour is. I’m thinking of Gordon Ramsay (slaps fist in to hand, ‘amazing!’) and Jamie Oliver (takes a taste and hops around like he needs the loo, again claiming it’s amazing!).

If you’re wondering what kind of beer to use then it’s really up to you, Nigel doesn’t specify what you should be using. I would say, if there is a local micro brewery near you, buy from them. Support a local business. Otherwise check out your local supermarket. In the end, you might as well use your favourite as the dish will have the flavour you already enjoy.

If you give this beef and beer casserole recipe a go then I would love to see how it came out.

You can find more recipes from Nigel Slater in our archive. If you looking to add one of his recipe books to your collection then check out his Amazon page that features the ones currently available.

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