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Moule Frites Belgium Style With The Hairy Bikers


One of the most popular cooking duo’s on British TV are the Hairy Bikers, or Dave Myers and Simon King. The have loads of recipe books out as and have been on our screens now for many years. Their success is possible due to the range of food styles and just how well they get on with each other.

The last time we featured mussels was with the late Keith Floyd – Moules Mariniere. So it’s time we provide another recipe with them in.

The recipe is fairly straight forward but you will need a good white wine. According to the video, the mussels are cooked in the Belgium style. I guess that means you don’t use cream? They also will show how to cook great chips and to make your own mayonnaise.

Anyway, on to the video’s. There are two parts to watch and the BBC Food site has a similar recipe by the boys but from a different TV series.

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