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Making Jam With Mary Berry

Making Jam With Mary Berry

Do you have any fruit left over from the summer? My local market is still selling strawberries and the last punnet I bought contained large and tasty fruit. Making jam is a great way to enjoy summer fruits during the colder months and if you are making strawberry jam then it becomes a lovely treat – say with scones etc.

In this brief video from Mary Berry Cooks, she makes strawberry jam and reveals some handy hints. She also uses jam sugar, normal sugar with added pectin. While the sugar may be considered as ‘not good’, the pectin is. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia…

Pectin is a natural part of the human diet, but does not contribute significantly to nutrition. The daily intake of pectin from fruits and vegetables can be estimated to be around 5 g (assuming consumption of approximately 500 g fruits and vegetables per day).

In human digestion, pectin binds to cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract and slows glucose absorption by trapping carbohydrates. Pectin is thus a soluble dietary fiber.

Consumption of pectin has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels. The mechanism appears to be an increase of viscosity in the intestinal tract, leading to a reduced absorption of cholesterol from bile or food. In the large intestine and colon, microorganisms degrade pectin and liberate short-chain fatty acids that have positive influence on health (prebiotic effect).

Next time you have jam on toast, just think of all that fibre and the positive effects it will have!

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