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Make your own sun-dried tomatoes!

sun-dried-tomatoesIf you are not a gardener then you will be asking why make your own sun dried tomatoes? If you are a gardener and like many, have grown many many tomatoes this year, you might wonder what to do with them all!

Well the process of making sun dried tomatoes is actually not that difficult, well according to PickYourOwn.org it isn’t. Their article, ‘How to Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes From Your Garden‘, shows how to do it with an oven and even a car! Well in these hot temperatures it seems a car is an ideal place.


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One Response to 'Make your own sun-dried tomatoes!'

  1. Lauren Smythe says:

    Great post – I will definitely be trying this one out. Love sun dried tomatoes, especailly for summer recipes.