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Make this Weekend Sausage Party Time!

sausage party

The latest animated film, Sausage Party, has hit the big screens. But here’s a warning, it’s for adults only! Want to know why? Check out the trailer here but ensure there’s no little people trying to sneak a look – or easily offended bosses looking over your shoulder if you’re reading this at work!

As much as I like going to the movies, I would very much prefer having my own sausage party with the real thing! Wouldn’t you? If you think it’s a great idea too, then check out these seven great videos – featuring plenty of lovely ideas! Nothing to difficult, these recipes just need a little foodie love and plenty of care and attention.

These videos cover barbecuing, oven roasting, in the pan pasta dishes and even a 300 year old sausage recipe that you can make!

So get some lovely sausages today and make this coming weekend sausage party time!

Sausage Grilling Techniques – How to Barbecue the Perfect Sausages

Bacon Sausage Cheeseburgers recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Summer Sausage Pasta | Jamie Oliver

Roasted Sausage Supper recipe – Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites

Gourmet Sausage Roll Recipe – SORTEDfood

A 300-Year-Old Delicious Sausage Recipe

Simple Sausage Spaghetti | Amalfi Coast

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