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How To Make Your Own Tortilla’s, It’s Easier Than You Think!


One of the most flexible items you can have in your kitchen cupboard is a bag of flour. There are tons of things you can make with it, cakes and breads are just two examples.

Flour has become essential in baking but there are a range of things that you can make that don’t require an oven. Flat breads can be made with a grill or just a frying pan. One great example is the Tortilla.

Currently, I can buy a pack of 10 tortillas in my local supermarket from around €2.50 upwards. Brand name packs can be as much as €4.50. A little effort and a bag of flour, which is around €1 depending on where you buy it, means you can save money and create something special.

All you need is flour, a little oil and hot water. Full instructions can be seen in the video below…

It really is as simple as that! If you are looking for great recipes to go with them then take a look at…

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