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Magic Cake, How To Make The Amazing Three Layer Dessert

magic cake

The latest viral food sensation to dominate the Intertubes this week is Magic Cake. From what I’ve read, it it’s one of those ideas that never really goes away and becomes newsworthy every few years. However, I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and once you’ve seen how it’s made, yeah it’s magic!

What’s magic about it you ask? The three layers are made using just one batter. A single pour in to cake tin and that’s it!

The Independent food and drink section has a big piece on it, Magic cake: How to make the simple three-layer dessert. Included are some Instagram images, like this chocolate version. You can easily see the three layers, cake sponge at the top, custard in the middle and fudge at the bottom.

The thing is, it really is easy to make! The recipe is a not that different from a normal cake except how the eggs are added and the cooking time and temperature. It has to be the easiest three layer cake ever devised.

This rather calm and relaxed video from YouTube user ‘Emojoie Cuisine’ shows you how to make the recipe. As you’ll see, the cake batter is rather wet and the eggs are separated and added at different times.

Reading through the comments for the video, there are certain things to watch out for. All ingredients must be at room temperature, that includes the milk. If you add cold milk then the butter hardens and the cake won’t come out right. Also, it must be left to cool down in the oven. When adding the whisked egg whites, try not to stir them too much. You want to keep as fluffy as you can.

Unfortunately, there is no mention on the type of flour used. However, if you check out this recipe for Magic Cake by Joanna Cismaru, you will see that she uses all purpose flour. She also warms the milk in the microwave before adding it to the mix.

Have you tried Magic Cake before? How did you get on? Leave a comment below and share your experience of making this recipe!

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