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Purr With Joy At The Latest Viral Sensation – The Japanese Cat Water Cake!

Japanese cat water cake

Back in April, I shared news of the amazing Raindrop Cake. It was all over the Intertubes and had massive amount of shares, especially on Facebook and Twitter. How do you go one better than that? With the Japanese Cat Water Cake of course!

First of all, lets remind ourselves of what the Raindrop Cake looked like…

Darren Wong's Raindrop Cake

And now for the Japanese Cat Water Cake

Japanese water cat cake

Just how good is that!

It all started when Twitter user @mithiruka shared a pic of a clear water cake in the shape of a sleeping cat. It went viral in Japan when the photo was posted on Twitter around the 6th of November, since then it’s had 23k likes and 19k retweets!

That’s not all they’ve created, check this out!

What do you think? Comments below please!

Found via Bored panda

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