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Kitchen Multi-Tools You Will Actually Want To Buy

The Stingray BBQ Multi-tool

bbq multi-tool

You can think of this as the big brother of the Stingray Kitchen Multi-tool. It’s all stainless steel, except of course the rubber grips, and therefore much more robust. Perfect for outdoors cooking. It’s a tiny bit over 40cms long and feels heavy in the hand, but then you would expect that. Check out the video below and notice how easy it is to get the sausages of the prongs…

You could use this in your kitchen but I would worry that it might end up damaging non-stick pans.

When it comes to turning things over on a BBQ, being able to grip properly without the food falling apart is brilliant. Also, it means you can place the item back on the grill where ever you want it. Not something you can always do with metal spatula.

A practical test with the Stingray BBQ Multi-tool

My friend Andrea runs a British goods stall here at my local French market . She also sells bacon rolls, burgers and sausages (just love her bacon butty’s!). Not only do the English love them, but the French queue up as well! I asked her to give the Stingray Kitchen Multi-tool a go.

kitchen multi-tool

She said that they were a little heavier than she expected but worked really well. It was much easier turning over the bacon and was able to press down better as well. All in all, she said it was good to use and the design was very practical.

kitchen multi-tools

On the whole, these kitchen multi-tools are worth having. Well built and great design, will definitely out last those cheap spatulas you keep buying!

Kitchen Multi-tools availability

All items mentioned are available from Amazon UK. Links and prices (at the time of writing) are as follows…

The Stingray kitchen multi-tool – £14.95

The Barracuda kitchen multi-tool – £14.95

The Stingray BBQ Multi-tool – £19.95

Stocks appear a little low at the moment so grab your kitchen multi-tools while you can!

Disclosure: TNK sent the items to me for review at no cost. The words and views are my own.

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