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Kitchen Multi-Tools You Will Actually Want To Buy

tnk kitchen tools

If you ever found a spatula, like you would use to flip a steak or a burger, almost useless because things slide off or just don’t last long (they never seem to be built to last) – then these kitchen multi-tools will be of great interest to you!

The design company TNK, based in the Netherlands, has kindly sent me three of their kitchen multi-tools for review. They are are the ‘The Barracuda kitchen multi-tool‘, ‘Stingray kitchen multi-tool‘ and the, ‘Stingray BBQ multi-tool‘.

Barracuda and Stingray kitchen multi-tools

kitchen multi-tools

Both of these items are just over 33cm in length and made from stainless steel. They include rubber grips and a locking ring that you push to set or pull to release. The not-so-sharp edges have been folded inside so there’s no risk of hurting yourself. The front parts are made from nylon and heat resistant up to 240°C/460°F. They are also dishwasher safe.

The Stingray multitool (the top one in the image above) has many features, as demonstrated in the video below…

I like the fact you can get a good grip on something, like a burger, and not have it fall apart. I find turning sausages can be a real pain at times and this gadget will make it a lot easier. The spikes on the end should prove handy too!

The Barracuda is a great idea, it’s various features are demonstrated in the video below…

It makes scooping up pasta much easier. You can open it up as much as you want to ensure liquids drain away. It would be perfect for handling more delicate things like prawns and certainly easier when it comes to serving fried rice etc.

Both items are heavier that you might expect but I really like that. They feel like they have substance and won’t fall apart in 6 months time.

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