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Sweeter Flavours To Sweeten Your Little Ones

Many parents up and down the country struggle to get their kids to eat healthy choices. Lots of people worry their little ones aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables. This can be true, but children generally need smaller portions than adults. It’s important not to get stressed at the table as this can […]

Exciting School Packed Lunches Your Kids Will actually Want To Eat

Today kids all over the UK go back to school after the long summer break. Parents everywhere have sorted out school clothes and bags, made packed lunches and ensured their children made it to the school gates. As you return to your home, peace and quiet reigns again. If you’re looking to celebrate this then check […]

Baked Meatballs With Hidden Vegetables

Today is the start of the half term holidays so for those of you with children you may be running around all over the place keeping the little angels entertained! So why not feed them this delicious baked meatballs with hidden vegetables for lunch or supper? It’s great at getting them to eat their veg […]

Fun for kids and grownups, make your own ice lollies!

What is the easiest way to get healthy food in to kids? Well you could lie them I suppose but not everyone is comfortable with that. The proper way of course is to disguise them or make them really fun. So that brings us to the video below where the real simple method of creating […]

Kids – A cracking burger!

Jamie Oliver has some great 15-minute recipes in his latest TV show/book. Today’s recipe is for a cracking burger and is made by 9 year old Oscar in the following video to prove that kids can get in the kitchen and whip up somethingn delicious for the whole family. It’s a fairly lengthy video but I love Oscar as […]

Children’s cookie selection

Growing up with Mum as a caterer I was always interested in what she was making which is where my love for cooking came from. The best thing was when we made sweet treats so I thought I would hunt for some fun cookies which you can make with your children. I’ve found one for […]

Cooking with kids – make your own Granola Bars

Kids can be fussy when it comes to food. However, if they have made it then they are more likely to eat it! This simple recipe allows a child to get their hands right in to the mix. The only time an adult needs to take over is for the oven and the final cutting […]

Something for the Kids – Chunky Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are a really great weekend snack and are easy to make yourself as opposed to buying the ready made version in the freezer section at the supermarket. Teamed with chips or simply put between sliced bread with some butter and tomato ketchup they are delicious! This recipe is a perfect way of involving your […]

Something for the kids – chocolate cornflake cakes

Is the snow keeping your family in this weekend? Need something to do with the kids? This very simple recipe should keep them occupied for a little while at least. Best thing of all is that it’s ready in no time at all. As chocolate is involved and things could get rather sticky, tie back […]