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As the Football Word Cup continues in Brazil, I thought it was time to visit again Tapas recipes from Spain. Sadly Spain are out of the competition but it doesn’t mean that we can take a look at their famous Tapas. Since I last wrote about Tapas, (Tapas Time With Chorizo And Prawns), I’ve been experimenting with the recipe – using chicken livers and mushrooms instead of the prawns.

The more I try the more I want to know about this Spanish style of cooking. While I was checking out Amazon and YouTube I came across Omar Allibhoy. He is the Chef and owner of the restaurant – Tapas Revolution, his attempt to entertain and to teach Tapas to the UK population. His video explains more…

As you may of noticed, Tapas Revolution is also the name of his cook book. In it, he uses everyday store cupboard ingredients and offers a new take on the classic recipes such as tortilla de patatas,  pinchos morunos and pollo con salsa. With sections covering vegetables, salads, rice dishes, meat, fish, cakes and desserts, the emphasis is on simplicity of ingredients and methods.

Most of the Amazon reviews are very positive with a few pointing out small errors, like this review…

I love this book, it’s literally the first cook book in years that has inspired me but it is frustrating. The recipes are simple to follow and very tasty but the book hasn’t adequately been proofed and many of the timings are out. We made meatballs today and the instruction is to soak bread in milk and the squeeze the fluid out of the bread and into this mix – but there is no clear instruction on what to then do with the bread, the poor mans potatoes – cut a cm thick and cook for 20mins !!! More like 50! Lots more of these – a bit frustrating but doesn’t spoil it

Then you read this and think to yourself, I must get this book!

Being a tapas lover, and owning multiple tapas books, I have to say that this book really is fantastic. It is full of so many recipes, that can be done as tapas or main meals. The recipes are not too hard to execute, and every one we’ve tried has been absolutely brilliant. We have cooked so many things from this book, and still have more ear-marked to try; something that doesn’t often happen with cook books.It’s also a lovely gift because the pages are lovely quality and the pages are crammed with recipes and pictures of the cooked dishes. Very highly recommend.

This book is going on my recipe books to buy list as I really want to learn more about Tapas. If you are interested in finding out more then hop over to Amazon UK for Omar Allibhoy’s book – Tapas Revolution!

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