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Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Salmon Tail With Sunshine Salad

Roasted salmon tail might not come across as a summer dish but once you’ve seen the final product, you’ll want to try it! The salmon is flavoured with green tea, garlic and sesame oil – an unusual selection of seasoning for this kind of fish. However, it does sound rather exciting!

roasted salmon

The salad can be made with your favourite summer ingredients but I do like the idea of mango as part of the dressing. Not sure you really need the stir fry rice,  though if you’ve got left overs then why not.

It’s really good to see roasted salmon, as opposed to fried or steamed. As Jamie explains, the fish is soft and moist and fairly forgiving if slightly over cooked.

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What do you think of this recipe, have you tried roasting salmon before? Leave your comments below…

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