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Jamie Oliver’s Recipe For Spicy Chilli Sauce!

jamie oliver chilli sauce

Yesterday, Jamie Oliver put out a new video recipe for chilli sauce. It obviously caught my attention as I love chillies and love making sauces with them. In my own sauces, I have used vinegar and brown sugar to get that sharp yet slightly sweet taste. Jamie did the same thing but where as I used red wine vinegar, he used cider vinegar – along with cloudy apple juice. I had never thought apple juice could be an ingredient in chilli sauce! Well, you learn something new everyday…

In case you didn’t know, eating chillies could actually be good for you. I recently posted to our Facebook page an article by the Telegraph stating that ‘Spicy food could be the secret to a healthy heart and a longer life‘.

Anyway, on to the video where Jamie shares his recipes and shows you how to put it all together.

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