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Jamie Oliver’s Healthy Salmon Recipe With Asparagus & Courgette

Pan-Fried Salmon with Tomato Couscous | Jamie Oliver

This simple and healthy salmon recipe makes the perfect weekday meal. Served with tender asparagus and courgette on a bed of couscous, you can't go wrong.

Posted by Jamie Oliver on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Jamie Oliver recently shared a lovely midweek meal on Facebook –  simple and healthy salmon with tender asparagus and courgette on a bed of couscous. It looks fairly straightforward to make, especially as the couscous is just a matter of adding boiling water. The salmon takes only minutes and the asparagus and courgette once prepped, gets added to the pan along with the fish.

I really like the the salsa that gets mixed with the couscous, that’s an idea I shall definitely be trying. It should go well chicken or pork…

healthy salmon

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