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Jamie Oliver – The UK’s Best Known Chef

UK Chef Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has been able to maintain a very successful career since leaving college aged 16. His professional life started with being a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal’s Yard restaurant, where he first gained experience with preparing Italian cuisine. He met his life long friend Gennaro Contaldo who quickly became his mentor. Then television discovered him.

In 1997, his first TV series was aired. It was called ‘The Naked Chef’, a cookery book of the same name followed. He was also invited to cook for Tony Blair. Since then he gone from a TV chef to campaigner. He helped disadvantaged youths, who would, if they completed his training, be offered jobs at his restaurant “Fifteen” in Westland Place, London.

Of course, the thing most will remember about him was the crusade to get kids eating better school lunches. Here is a quote from Jamie’s Wikipedia page

Oliver then began a formal campaign to ban unhealthy food in British schools and to get children eating nutritious food instead. Oliver’s efforts to bring radical change to the school meals system, chronicled in the series Jamie’s School Dinners, challenged the junk-food culture by showing schools they could serve healthy, cost-efficient meals that kids enjoyed eating. Jamie’s efforts brought the subject of school dinners to the political forefront and changed the types of food served in schools. In 2012, after supporting Scottish primary school blogger Martha Payne in her NeverSeconds blog, Oliver attacked education secretary Michael Gove for failing to adhere to the standards agreed to by the previous administration.

Whilst we remember him for his many varied TV programs and nononsence recipes, we also remember him for his passion, enthusiasm and fair treatment of animals.

Here are a few of his recpies that we have featured in the past…

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