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Jack Daniels As An Ingredient? Sure, Here’s Three Great Reason Why…

jack daniels

Should you use Jack Daniels as an ingredient? For that matter, should whisky be used at all? Some may argue that it’s wasted when used in a recipe. But is it really? After all, we use good quality red and white wines in recipes. I think it should be used where it enhances the dish and adds something special. Never mind what the experts say! I’ve found three great recipes that I think proves my point.

But wait..

Lets talk quickly about alcohol. It’s important to remember that when cooking with strong spirits like whisky, cooking doesn’t actually remove that much alcohol. According to Wikipedia

  • alcohol added to boiling liquid and removed from heat: 85% alcohol retained
  • alcohol flamed: 75% alcohol retained
  • no heat, stored overnight: 70% alcohol retained
  • baked, 25 minutes, alcohol not stirred into mixture: 45% alcohol retained

It’s well worth reading up on it. Better to be informed, just in case etc…

Now that I’ve mentioned those important details, on to the recipes. They don’t actually specify which whisky to use, my preference would be Jack Daniels as it’s my favourite. If you have a favourite that you would rather use, then it shouldn’t pose any problems.

Don’t forget – drink and cook sensibly my friends and enjoy…

Upside-Down Apple Cake with Whiskey-Soaked Fruit – Betty Crocker

Full of seasonal fruit, almonds and spiked with whiskey, this cake is a new (and delicious) take on a holiday fruit cake.

Smoked Whiskey Wings – Epicurious

You got your breast men and your leg men and your thigh men, but let me tell you something: I’m a wing man. What I love about wings is that you get a two-in-one treat when you eat them: Between the drumette and the flat, that’s some good gnawing.

Beef in Whisky Sauce – Scotch Whisky Association

There’s no description sadly but the recipe looks really good and comes from the official Scotch Whisky Association website…

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