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Inspiring Ideas For Your Vegetarian Christmas Menu!

vegetarian christmas menu

How are you getting on with planning a vegan or vegetarian Christmas? Have you got family members or friends who are leading a meat-free lifestyle? Are you having trouble deciding what to cook for them?

Well, I’ve been researching the Intertubes and along the way I found some inspiration I think you’re gonna like. I’m not a vegetarian myself, though I’m fairly close to being one, but I think even meat eaters will appreciate the following dishes.

Just a quick word about the recipe from Cookie and Kate, yes it is a Mexican inspired dish that was created for Thanksgiving BUT who is to say you have to be traditional? Surely the festive season is about indulging yourself somewhat? Try something different for once, I dare you to try a vegetarian Christmas!

Spinach and Ricotta Strudel With Chickpeas – Amuse Your Bouche

Spinach and ricotta is definitely one of my favourite flavour combinations – I love the milky flavour of the ricotta, and the spinach adds nutrients and texture without overwhelming the mild cheese. I also added some chickpeas for a bit of added protein, which also served to bulk up the strudel and make it feel more appropriate for the main meal of the day.

Rich Mushroom & Neep Pie – Tinned Tomatoes

…I slow cooked mushrooms and onions until they were juicy and flavourful. Made a rich sauce out of stock and red wine and topped the pie with buttery mashed swede and potato, then popped it in the oven until it was goldenly tempting. It was comforting and delicious.

Roasted Veggie Enchilada Casserole – Cookie and Kate

I wasn’t really sure what to call this one—Mexican casserole? Enchilada casserole? Stacked enchiladas? I’m leaning toward enchilada casserole at the moment, even though this recipe calls for salsa instead of enchilada sauce. I tried it with both, but it’s easier to make and turns out better with salsa.

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