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Innuendos You Might have Missed On The Great British Bake Off


Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back on the telly and it just so happens that Mary Berry has a new book out – hmmm, is that a coincidence? Whether it is or not, her recipes are always top notch so who’s complaining? Besides Mary can be very entertaining, what with those unintended innuendoes.

Mel and Sue are back with Mary Berry, and of course Paul Hollywood which completes the very successful Great British Bake Off team. As fun as it is watching those brave souls battling with those difficult recipes, there’s also those double-entendres that can speed by unless you’re paying attention. Thanks to the intertubes, each innuendo has been discussed, analysed and turned into an animated GIF. They have been uploaded to Twitter along with the various disasters that befell the brave contestants.

Head off to Amazon now to pre-order your copy of Mary’s new book (available after the 8th of September) as you can’t have enough cook books, especially Mary Berry ones. Afterwards, enjoy this selection of GIF’s from the creative people of Twitter…







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