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Ice Cream Tacos, The Ultimate Summer Dessert?

Ice cream tacos are real and I want one now! The rolled up dessert with loads of lovely flavours wrapped up inside is currently all the rage in Los Angeles. I can’t think of anything else that I would rather be having this summer! Let’s hope someone gets inspired and brings them our way!

Fork Yeah: Sweet Cup

These rolled ice cream tacos are LA's hottest new summer treat: thrl.st/2tj5j0L

Posted by Thrillist on Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I love the colours and flavour combinations and the fact you can hold it in one hand. Though you might need two if you want to avoid a big mess! I would love for local ice cream sellers to have them on their menu’s, wouldn’t it be cool if the passing ice cream van had these on offer!

ice cream tacos

You can find out a little more on the Thrillist website –¬†These Rolled Ice Cream Tacos Are La’s Hottest New Summer Treat

If you know anyone whose making these at home then do let me know, love to feature their creations…

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