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How To Organise Your Herbs And Spices Like A Pro


I love my herbs and spices. My cupboard is currently dominated by Indian and Chinese spices. I even have basil from New Zealand and a small container of Zaatar – Jordanian thyme mix. I try to never run out of cumin and always have chillies stored somewhere. My freezer currently has a two bags of them, tiny birds-eye and something that looks very much like scotch-bonnet.

It’s getting to the point where I really need to sort things out. There’s a few herbs and spices that I haven’t used for quite some time and there’s others that I use daily. The shelf I store them all on is getting messy and it’s taking longer and longer to find what I want.

Max Falkowitz at Serious Eats has a great guide for getting everything sorted and organised. Great advice I shall try to put in to practice…

From How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize it—for Good

An organized spice rack means a spice rack you actually use, one where each ingredient is more valuable because you see it and want to put it to work. It’ll help you spice your food smarter and more often, and if you put in the effort to buy high quality produce and meat, well, your spices deserve the same degree of attention.

Do not confuse this post for a collection of cutesy tips on new ways to use Mason jars. Okay, there will be some jars, but clearing out a cluttered spice rack, one that’s ready to topple over from piles of stale, unidentifiable powder stinking up your cabinet, means going to war. You’re about to launch the invasion of Normandy and damn it, you’re going to hold that beach head and keep it. Follow along and I’ll show you how to keep your spices under control—for good.

The long post has great ideas, such as getting rid of sachets of unlabelled powders and those that you bought for one meal years ago but never used again. Other tips include knowing the difference between the herbs and spices that have a limited life span to those that you can keep for years.

Great stuff and well worth the time reading…

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