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How To Make Your Own Pasta Shapes At Home!

make pasta

Have you tried to make pasta before? How did you get on?  This weekend, it’s time to dig out that old pasta making machine that’s been hiding away for years. I’ve found some great videos that should inspire you to have a go at making your own fresh spaghetti, fusilli and tagliatelle.

However, before we and everything else around us gets covered in flour, let’s start by identifying which shapes go with which sauces. The Chiappas from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube explain which ones go with which sauces. Listen out for the Italian pronunciations…

Now that we have a better idea of how to match pasta to sauces, let’s take a look at making our own pasta dough. Who better than Gennaro Contaldo to explain things. Things are going to get a little messy for a while…

We stay with Gennaro as we come to the different types and shapes. Some of the shapes, like fusilli, he makes by hand. For lasagne, he uses the machine to get the dough to the right thickness and then cuts the sheets to size. Yes, he does make it look really easy but if you keep at it you will get better…

Our archive is full of great pasta ideas, from chefs like Jamie Oliver and amazing food bloggers from around the world. If you prefer, you can check out Amazon for great books that are all about pasta,  like this one from Antonio Carluccio


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One Response to 'How To Make Your Own Pasta Shapes At Home!'

  1. Toni says:

    I will old-style pastamaker in kitchen, we only use it for lasagna sheets or tagliatelli , but I’m keen now to get some cutters and try some shapes.