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How to make your own coleslaw your way


What a curious thing is coleslaw. It’s often bought as instant salad for barbecue ‘s or you might have it as a side dish in small plastic containers from fast food restaurants (fried chicken comes to mind). We all like it but never think anything of it. It’s just something you have.

The ingredients are pretty simple, it mainly consists of finely chopped white cabbage, onions and possibly finely chopped carrot. Put that all together with a big dollop of mayonnaise.

I think it’s time we got a bit creative with coleslaw, time to mix things up!


Why not liven up the colours and flavours? Try red cabbage, green, red or even yellow peppers. Perhaps mix in some grated cheese, small pineapple chunks, or apple to give it a sharper taste.  Try out herbs and spices, see what you can come up with.

In the USA, buttermilk is added and perhaps some vinegar and olive oil. In Italy, cooked ham and pepper slices are added.

You could add some spice with some finely chopped chilli, not to strong mind as not everyone will appreciate it. But strong enough to give the coleslaw a bit of a kick, great with meats such as chicken and steak.

Take the basic recipe and make it your own. Try out different variations and see what kind of meals they go with.

Video-Jug has a  demonstration of the basic recipe but also adds sour cream, mustard and vinegar. Feel free to experiment and let us know how you get on!

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