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How To Make Your Own Bubble Waffles At Home!

bubble waffles

Back at the beginning of March I posted a video about a new food fad, Hard To Resist And Totally Outrageous Bubble Waffles! Boy did they look good and considering how many people looked at that post, it was something you guys really liked!

So I’m guessing that you dear reader would love to know how to make bubble waffles at home, well…

The marvellous thing about food bloggers, is that when they see something they like, they’ll try and make it themselves. That includes Barry Lewis at My Virgin Kitchen, who has recently published a video on his YouTube channel showing how he makes bubble waffles.

He stops short of showing fillings but I’m pretty sure you guys can work out what to do next!

Full ingredient list and more can be found on the recipe page on his website. Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel while you’re at it!

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