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How To Get The Perfect Christmas Roast Chicken, Turkey Or Goose

christmas roast bird

When it comes to cooking a chicken, turkey or goose for Christmas, you’ve got to know how to get them ready for the oven. After all, you want your Christmas roast with moist meat and full of flavour! Each bird requires it’s own particular preparation. That’s mainly due to the denseness of the meat and the fat content.

Today I’m sharing three videos featuring Gordon Ramsay. He shows you how to prepare, stuff and spice each bird. Also, how to make your roast extra special with a few chef’s tricks.

I like his style, no faffing about and certainly hands on. If you follow his instructions you should end up with a perfect roast!

Are you having a roast chicken, turkey or goose for Christmas? How will you be cooking your Christmas roast? Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Roast Chicken

Spiced Christmas Goose

Christmas Turkey with Gravy

If you want to go really scientific about it then you had better check out how Heston Blumenthal goes about his roast chicken. Mind you it could take a day and half to do! Part one and part two on YouTube…


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