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How to cook the perfect poached egg

Perfect poached egg

I love poached eggs, especially when they are servered on top of  fresh slices of toasted multigrain bread. Nothing can beat it for breakfast or brunch. A sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and a tiny bit of salt finishes it off perfectly.

Heston Blumenthal, the mad scientist/Chef has gone to great efforts to reveal what it takes to create the perfect poached egg. In the video below, he says…

  • Use the freshest egg you can find
  • Make sure the water is at 80 degress C
  • You don’t need to add vinegar

Using a bowl of water to find the freshest egg is great but not very practical when you are out shopping. My top tips are…

  • Don’t buy at a supermarket, you have no real idea how old they are. The packing will be marked with an expiration date but that’s the date you need to use them by.
  • If you can, buy direct from a farmer. Check out your local market
  • Eggs that are fresh are usually rough, hold it up to the light. If its near translucent, or you can see the yolk, don’t even think of buying it. The fresher the egg, the thicker, rougher the shell is.

Now on to Chef Blumenthal and his perfectly cooked poached egg…


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