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How To Cook Perfect Rice Time After Time

perfect rice

How good are you at cooking perfect rice? Does it come out right time after time? Chef Jet Tila (whose full name is actually Jet Tilakamonkul) knows how to cook rice, he is chef of two US restaurants and has appeared on many TV programs – like Iron Chef America. So he should know what he’s doing!

According to Chef Jet, the first step to perfect rice is to ensure it’s prepared correctly. That means giving it a good wash. Het recommends that you wash it thoroughly,  as you’ll want it nice and clean before cooking. He also says that you should give the rice plenty of space to expand, so make sure your pan has enough water.

For more tips, check out this recent Facebook video where Chef Jet demonstrates how to cook perfect rice.

How to Really Make Perfect Rice

Forget everything you knew about how to cook rice. I'm telling you how to really make perfect rice.

Posted by Chef Jet Tila on Monday, 17 October 2016

If you want to see more of Chef Jet then check out his website and YouTube channel. You can also pick up his book, 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die, on Amazon.

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