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Why use Cookery Ideas as part of your marketing plan?

By Bob Toovey - owner and blogger

Cookery Ideas has a mission - to curate the amazing work of food bloggers, producers and chefs. I want to celebrate and promote them as best as I can.

Amateure chefs and home cooks are always looking for great ideas and come to Cookery Ideas to find them.

By using a mix of themed curated content, Cookery Ideas is reaching out to those who want to explore the world of food. Typically, our content includes...

  • Curated recipes and ideas
  • Individual recipes
  • Reviews
  • News and views

I can take your content, a guest post for example, and publish it on the Cookery Ideas website. That post is then shared out to all of the sites social network channels. This gives your product or brand exposure to an audience that is already looking for food related products and services.

Age demographic for September 2016 (Google Analytics)

Gender demographic for September 2016 (Google Analytics)

Who would benefit from working with Cookery Ideas?

Your recipe could be curated or used as a guest post. It can be original or based on already published work. You will get exposure to our growing social network audience and increasing number of website site visitors.

By sharing recipes, you can demonstrate your restaurants creative menu. It also encourages future clients to visit by showing off your kitchen team's abilities.

Brands can raise awareness by using content marketing. I can also find bloggers who are willing to create recipes using your product. Demonstration is the best way to attract new customers.

If you are involved with food promotion, for example a council or association, I can assist in spreading your message. Curated posts based around your promotion can be very powerful.

Trust And Openness

There rules that the site abides by which applies to each and every post that's published...

  • Never 'rip off' another blogger by stealing content
  • Only use another bloggers photographic work when permission is given
  • To never intentionally mislead or deceive

I don't claim that I am an expert at what I do as the Internet changes daily and social media marketing offers new insights and methods everyday. However, learning is part of the journey and I will share what I know with our partners and advertisers. I don't work for you, I work with you.

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