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Inspirational Ideas And Recipes For Valentine’s Day

How are you getting on with your Valentine’s Day planning? Flowers sorted out? Bought a present? I can’t help you with those two items on your checklist but if you’re cooking a special romantic meal for two then I can! For inspiration, our archive which is full of great ideas. Not just recipes but also links to food bloggers who may […]

A Great Brazilian Treat For Valentine’s Day – Brigadeiro de Cerveja

For Valentine’s Day, test out your cooking skills by making this lovely Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro de Cerveja (Beer Brigadeiros). If you have the patience and want to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day itself, this is one recipe you really should have a go at making. It will be worth the effort! The food blogger […]

Serve Your Loved One A Chocolate Martini This Valentine’s Day

To make a really romantic Valentine’s Day home cooked experience, you need to ensure you have all the bases covered. Not just a fancy dessert or a great main course, but drinks as well. How about a chocolate martini? One that has a decorated rim to show off  the chocolate milk, which happens to have […]

We Need To Start Talking About Valentine’s Day

Attention ladies and gentlemen – Valentine’s Day is this month! You might be thinking, ‘wow, this is a bit early to be discussing this…’.  However, as much as I love collecting recipes and sharing them with you guys, I want to be sure you’re getting what you need. Seeing as Valentine’s Day will be here very soon, […]

Valentine’s Day Emergency Rescue- 911!

Valentine’s Day is Sunday. VALENTINE’S DAY IS SUNDAY!! As in THIS Sunday. As in TWO days! I have nothing! I have no plans, I have no reservations! WHAT am I going to do? First, the one thing you do NOT want to do is panic. This is a mission for Valentine’s Day Emergency Rescue 911! […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, The Delicious Dessert

This is it, you are two courses in and so far your Valentine’s Day starter and main course have gone better than you could of imagined. Now you are going to finish in style! The dessert you have chosen will say that you thought the whole thing through, you’ve done more than just pop out […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, Amaze With Your Main Course

You made a big impression with your Valentine’s Day starter but it’s no time for slacking off! You’ve got to keep things going and perhaps take things to the next foodie level. Yes, it’s time to serve a main course that will make you a star! We’ve chosen these three recipes based on appearance and level […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, Impress The One You Love With A Fantastic Starter

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure you have the 14th marked in your diary, for it’s Valentine’s Day and woe betide anyone who forgets this most romantic date! But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! This week we are sharing recipes from great food bloggers that you can make yourself, and therefore impress the socks […]

Loving Love | Caramel Apple Macadamia Nut Pie

I just love love. Don’t you just love, love? Valentine’s Day one of the best holidays of the year. I love all holidays and in true fashion, no holiday is ever celebrated less than a week. Yes, an entire week. Did you know you can make your own holiday rules? You can. My rules for Valentine’s […]

Valentine’s Day – Great Recipes To Inspire On The Most Romantic Day Of The Year

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are stuck for something to serve or you just haven’t chosen something yet, then let us inspire you. We have collected together some of our posts that are related to the most romantic day of the year and hope you will find something you will want to cook. We have […]