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Fab Cheesecake Recipes, Perfect For Mothers Day

Mothers Day is upon us again, a specially set aside day when we can show our mothers our love and appreciation. One thing you can do for this special day is to create something they will love to eat. For those of you who find cooking a complete meal a bit of a stretch, why not […]

“Sunday Dinner” Fried Chicken | Mother’s Day Brunch in the Southern US

Being a true “Southerner” in the US (meaning one who was born and lives below the Mason Dixon line), we have many, MANY dishes and recipes that belong exclusively to us. First and foremost, would be grits. A very close second to grits, would be chicken biscuits and gravy. This is a true Southern staple. […]

10 Great Recipes That You Can Make For Mother’s Day

Don’t get stuck for Mother’s Day! There’s plenty of things you could make for that special day. The fact that you eve tried to make something would be really appreciated. To help you out I’ve found some really great treats that range from the simple to make to difficult to do. The following videos will show […]

Three Special Brunch Ideas Just for Mom

Mother’s Day is not only a celebration honoring one’s own mother, but to also honor motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. I was a “mama’s girl” and think of her often. I remember how the simple things in life made her so happy; shelling peas and snapping beans on the front porch, enjoying pound cake and a […]

Perfect For Mother’s Day, Mary Berry’s Queen Of Puddings

Do you want to create something special for Mother’s Day? With a little bit of concentration and a bit of effort, you can make the ‘Queen of Puddings’ dessert that was created by Mary Berry. It has a layer of custard, a layer of jam and a layer of soft chewy meringue. In the video […]

Rainbow Jam Tarts – A Great Mother’s Day Treat

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday so how about rustling up some rainbow jam tarts? This is a great recipe for the kids to get involved with and they can also have fun packaging them up ready to hand them over. Dad’s, partners and older siblings can have a hand in this fun […]

Making The Perfect Custard

I love custard but whenever I make it the results are never consistent. Sometimes it comes out well, smooth and lump free and sometimes it doesn’t. I guess not following a proper recipes doesn’t help! With Mother’s Day coming on Sunday, I thought it was worth mentioning how to make the perfect custard in case […]

Mini Bacon, Egg & Toast Breakfast Cups

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday. If you still live with your Mum or have children who want to make their Mum breakfast in bed then why not try this recipe for mini bacon, egg and toast breakfast cups? I think the idea of putting these these breakfast items together to create […]

The Mother’s Day selection: Quiche Lorraine – simple enough even for Dad’s!

Mothers, please grab your husband and sit him in front of the computer (or what ever device you are using to read this).  Give him a pen and paper and about 10 minutes. You can now leave him to it… Dad’s, are you ready for Mother’s day? Well we are here to help. We have […]

The Mother’s Day selection: Roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey

As Mother’s Day traditionally falls on a Sunday why not combine it with a good hearty roast? This recipe for roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey is taken from the BBC Food website and looks delicious and I’m sure any mother would be happy to sample it! This dish serves 4 people and only […]