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Heston’s Grilled pineapple & ice cream sundae

grilled pineapple heston

I really don’t mind living in a 1st floor appartment, in fact I really quite like it. I have herbs growing on the windowsill and bowls of fresh fruit and veg on the shelves. Everything was ok until I came across this recipe…

So now I am waiting to be invited to a BBQ so I can try out this lovely looking recipe, in fact I might even buy the BBQ just to ensure it happens!

Does the idea of a grilled pineapple not grab you? Not only is it grilled, it’s soaked in fresh lemon juice, rolled in muscovado sugar and grilled again. That alone sounds exciting.

The video is from Waitrose, recipe is from Heston Blumenthal and the cooking /presentation is by Otto Romer – Senior Development Chef at the Fat Duck.

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