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Rachel Khoo’s Hearty Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon Rachel Khoo

The weekend is upon us once again, so it’s time for a hearty meal that’s easy to make. The recipe I’ve selected is ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ by Rachel Khoo. It looks fairly easy to make as there’s little prep and it spends most of it’s cooking time in the oven.

Rachel adds a little twist to her dish, instead of serving potatoes or pasta with the dish (as the French would typically do), she adds baguette dumplings. She takes stale bread and mixes in milk, egg and a little flour. The mixture is squeezed in to balls and fried off in a pan. The crunchy texture should contrast nicely against the Boeuf Bourguignon, also not as heavy as spuds or pasta.

I really like the videos by Rachel, she creates many lovely recipes in that small kitchen of hers. It’s nice to be reminded that you don’t need a huge kitchen to make great meals.

You can get more recipes from Rachel by buying her cook book on Amazon – The Little Paris Kitchen: Classic French recipes with a fresh and fun approach.

Here’s a quick question for you, when it comes to dishes like this, should the meat be chopped into smaller pieces or left big like in Rachel’s recipe above? You thoughts and comments below please!

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