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5 Grilled Sandwiches You Should Try Right Now


It is safe to say that bread has been around for thousands of years. The idea of turning flour and water in to something edible pre-dates the early Egyptians. It really has been around that long. As much as we would like to think that the Earl Of Sandwich took two slices and some meats and created the picnic, somebody in the long history of bread must of thought of it before he did!

However, the humble sandwich has evolved to something that nearly becomes a meal in itself. Yes, I am talking about the grilled sandwich. Once that was invented, anything can and does happen between two slices. From exciting cheese flavours mixed with meats and vegetables to strawberries in layers with chocolate. Anything goes – just depends on how adventurous you’re feeling at the time.

Can the BLT be improved? Over at Pocket Change Gourmet, the traditional but well favoured sandwich is transformed with soft cheese. The bacon, lettuce and tomato combination goes one better with soft cheese melting between the layers. Serve with soup for a great meal.

Staying with the bacon theme, fancy something spicy? Mrs Happy Home Maker has created something that I would love to try out. The recipe includes bacon and cream cheese and what makes it all worth while – Jalapeno peppers.

Not all grilled sandwiches require meat to be part of the ingredients list. The Edible Perspective has a great recipe for vegetarians. The recipe calls for pesto, balsamic glaze and roasted vegetables. To be honest, despite being a meat eater, I would have no problem with this one if it was put in front of me.

Staying meat free, Budget Bites has a lovely yet very simple grilled sandwich. Instead of bread slices, Ciabatta rolls are used. The filling is simply spinach and feta cheese. Two of my favourites.

Seeing as the grilled sandwich is rather dominated by meats, like bacon, the last one I shall mention is again vegetable based. This comes from Express-O and has an interesting ingredient list, spinach, goat cheese and avocado. I love goat cheese, the sharp taste yet creamy texture goes really well with the avocado.

If you want more ideas for grilled sandwiches, check out our Pinterest board with more recipes…

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