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Great Last Minute Suggestions For Father’s Day


Seeing as Father’s Day is right upon us, I thought I’d have a quick dig through the archive and see if there were any recipes that would be suitable. Especially for those who leave things till the last minute!

If you wanted to do something big, then this recipe by Melissa (Start Planning Ahead, The Day To Celebrate Dad Is Just Around the Corner!) would have been good but you should’ve done your shopping for it already.

Otherwise, how about a sweet treat like this custard tart that Lucy wrote about. Looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll have most of what you need in your kitchen cupboards.

Feeling a bit creative? How about making your own tortillas and filling them with spicy chicken or roasted veggies. Add a dollop of guacamole (recipe for that here) and away you go!

Seriously, check out that guacamole recipe, there’s some serving suggestions involving a simple salad and bacon!

How about something that’s simple and all that’s needed is a bit of preparation? Hasselback potatoes are easy and can be served with a great salad, meat or as is. Up to you on how creative you can be!

There is one thing that just about everyone will love – BACON! Yep, mentioning bacon again!

Have you got a pack of Oreo’s in the cupboard? These recipes make use of them for great desserts and treats.

How about something that doesn’t involve your cooker? These microwave mug recipes are great for kids to make, of course some adult supervision would be advisable – knives etc.

If you are looking for a gift then perhaps a cookbook for the Kindle? I took a look at a few that are available, best thing of all they are downloads and that means they are easy to get at short notice!

What ever you end up doing, I’m sure Dad will appreciate the effort!

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