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Great British Bake Off – THE FINAL!

Nadia-gbboWe’ve made it to the final of the 2015 Great British Bake Off. I’m sure you know by now who won but did you try to avoid all social media until you had caught up with the final episode?! Did you cast your vote on our readers’ poll? The final three bakers left in the competition are Tamal, Ian and Nadiya and only three challenges stand in the way of them and the winners title.

Signature Challenge – 16 filled iced buns. Two different types of any flavour. These have to be the best they have ever produced. There’s nowhere to hide with an iced bun with the soft texture and the soft icing making it just right. Tamal went for cinnamon and apple for his first choice and toffee and marmalade for the second. Ian made his life difficult by making two batches of dough instead of one batch and then splitting it like the other bakers. He is making elderflower and lemon buns and then spiced buns for the second batch. Will he have time to complete them all? Nadiya chose cardamom and almond for her first flavour and then nutmeg and sour cherry for the others. She is the only baker to make two different shaped buns. After much proving the bakers’ buns went into the oven while they got on with making the fillings and the icing. Poor Tamal’s crème pâtissière hadn’t set in time so he couldn’t use it to fill his buns. He wasn’t a happy bunny. Time for the judging. Ian – the icing didn’t go with the filling. He didn’t add the sugar!!! Unbelievable for a finalist to get this wrong! The lemon curd buns got rave reviews from both Mary and Paul. Nadiya – very neat piping. Lovely taste. The round buns also got good comments with lovely flavouring. Tamal – icing not shiny. Overall texture and flavour good. Texture of the icing not good. The marmalade buns were a hit for flavour. Unfortunately timing was Tamal’s downfall. Again, not something you should see in the final week.

Technical Challenge – Paul’s recipe for six raspberry mille-feuille with chantilly cream and raspberries. Quite a challenge in two hours! Tamal felt he was losing control slightly during the challenge. He wasn’t happy with his pastry. Nadiya struggled with simple counting as she was in such a fluster. Ian quietly got on with things. With five minutes left on the clock the construction of the mille-feuilles were causing a lot of stress but all the bakers managed to get their bakes out for judging. Onto the judging – Tamal’s were a mess but the pastry was cooked. Nadiya – neater. Crisp pastry. Ian – top not bonded to the pastry. Good layers. Piping not brilliant. Good jam. Pastry needed longer in the oven. So in third position was Tamal, second Ian and first Nadiya. The first time she’s come first in a technical challenge. Well deserved.

Show Stopper Challenge – A classic British single flavoured cake with a minimum of three layers. Each baker must go all out to get their show stopper perfect and has to have the wow-factor. Tamal – sticky toffee pudding cake decorated with spun sugar. It’s based on an ancient abandoned Chinese fishing village. Erm. The clue is in the title of the challenge – BRITISH Tamal! Ian – colossal curvy carrot cake with five layers. Again, he’s made a lot of work for himself! Nadiya – lemon drizzle wedding cake. She didn’t have a wedding cake herself so she’s rectifying that with this challenge and is using jewels from her wedding and a sari style decoration. Ian misjudged his first batch of cakes and had to put the mixture in smaller tins. With the second batch he forgot to put the orange in the mixture so had to quickly add that before they went in the oven. Onto the judging…Nadiya – looks spectacular. Even bakes. Texture of fondant excellent. Paul said it was stunning. Tamal – looks spectacular. Even bakes. Wonderful filling. Delicious icing. Managed to finish in time! Ian – what a construction! Consistent bakes. Paul said it was one of the best carrot cakes he has ever had. Flavours and textures spot on.

The finalists then discovered there was life outside of the tent and met their friends and families while Paul and Mary deliberate inside the tent as to who deserved to be crowned the winner. And the winner is……NADIYA! Very well deserved in my opinion and a really lovely lady. So onto the tears and hugs and kisses….even Mary shed a little tear. Do you think this was the right decision? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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