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Great British Bake Off – Patisserie Week

Great British Bake Off

Episode eight of the Great British Bake Off, only five bakers remain in the kitchen. This week is patisserie week and we will find out whose choux is on the wrong foot and will leave the kitchen. Patisserie can be difficult so it will be interesting to see how the contestants cope with Mary and Paul’s challenges this week.

Signature Bake

The first challenge is to create cream horns. The bakers need to produce 24 identical cream horns with two different types of filling. The filling needs to go all the way down to the bottom. What could go wrong? Ian goes for Black Forest Horns which sound tasty, but there it too much alcohol in them which overpowers the flavour. Paul goes for banana custard and coffee horns. His flavours disappoint and the filling does not reach the bottom so not a good start. Nadiya has gone for rose flavoured horns which Paul has warned her can be tricky to get right. The rose can be overpowering but when he tastes them he pronounces them as excellent. Tamal succeeds with his puff and his flavours are pronounced excellent. Fiona has gone for a seaside theme with her cream horms, serving them upright with added decorations. She has spent too much time on the decorations and when she adds the filling the horns leak. She quickly finds a freezer but has lost a lot of the flavour from her horns

Technical Challenge

For the technical challenge the bakers need to create nine identical mokatine. These are small squares of Genoese sponges containing two different types of icing and decorated with walnuts. The Genoese sponge is made without raising agents so the challenge is getting it to rise. Paul has issues with his sponge, it is rather flat and raw. Not daunted he tries again but sadly the second sponge is just as flat. The judges pronounce it raw and rubbery and his icing dribbles putting him in fifth place. Tamal is fourth and Fiona is in third place, her icing has shells and not the requested rosettes. Ian picks up second place leaving Nadiya to win another technical challenge which she is delighted about.

Show stopper

Time for the showstopper, will it save those who are in a precarious position after creating disasters. The challenge is a difficult one the bakers have to create a religieuse à l’ancienne. This is a tower of éclairs in the shape of a nun. The centrepiece has to remain upright for several hours as it is usually used at the centre of a table for parties. The challenge is to make the choux hard enough to stay upright but still be soft and delicious. The éclairs need to have two different fillings and the finished creation have three layers as well as looking pretty. The layers are held together with shortcruyst pastry discs. In an evil twist the bakers are sent for a two hour lunch before judging to see if their nuns remain standing. Tamal has chosen mango and passionfruit flavours which are lovely and his num remains standing. Nadiya has gone for bubble gum and peppermint cream flavoured éclairs in garish pink and green. Her nun is leaning over in a drunken fashion. The flavours are not the judges favourite but overall the bake is reasonable. Flora’s nun has started to topple so she removed the base layer. Sadly her lime and basil and coconut flavours are missing. Ian’s nun with hidden passions, or passionfruit, gets the nod of approval from the judges. Paul has gone for banana again, making sure he gets the flavour by adding banana essence. Sadly his nun has collapses and while the judges can taste the flavour they know it is essence.


This leaves the question who will leave the tent and who will stay. Star baker this week is Nadiya and sadly leaving the tent after a disastrous week is Paul. He takes it well and leaves with a smile.

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