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Gordon Ramsay’s Quiche With Leeks & Pancetta

leeks and pancetta

If you thought that leeks were only good for soups then check out this recipe for Leek & Pancetta Quiche. It should change your mind pretty quickly! The recipe itself comes via Gordon Ramsay and the video below comes from his cooking-at-home TV series.

He also shows you how to make shortcrust pastry with flour, butter and water. I know you can buy it ready-made at the supermarket but have you seen the full ingredients list on the side of the packet? To be honest, I’d rather practice making pastry, I think it’s a skill every home cook should master!

Leeks are in season right now and the fruit and veg stalls at my local market has them piled high. If you can buy leeks at you local market I would highly recommend it. Often they can be cheaper than a supermarket but I find the quality is always better.

The recipe calls for pancetta but if you can’t find it or it’s out of your budget range then lardons can be used instead.

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