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The Gluten Free Christmas Cake Everyone Will Love

gluten free christmas cake

OK, it’s December and I can now officially start talking about Christmas. So let’s kick off with what for many is the the most important festive item on the menu, the Christmas cake. However, spare a thought for those that can’t process gluten, will they feel left out if they can’t eat your carefully crafted and specially prepared cake?

This recipe for gluten free Christmas cake will be enjoyed by all and I bet no one notices that it is actually gluten free unless you told them! It’s not a difficult thing to make, basically measure and add to the mixing bowl. What might be a little challenging is that it will take 8 hours to cook!

Oh, the other thing you may find a problem is getting the cake out of the cooking bowl once it’s done. Here’s a skill you may need to learn…

Gluten Free Christmas Cake

Don’t drop it!

On to the video featuring¬†KerryAnn Dunlop. She gives you the full ingredients required and shows you how to put it all together…

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