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Gill Meller’s Recipe For Super Sausage Rolls

super sausage rolls

Traditional English sausage rolls are simply British bangers wrapped in pastry. Some people think hotdog sausages can be used but no, that’s plainly wrong.

They are quite simple to make really, all you need is decent sausages and pastry. Though, have you ever wished they were bigger and packed with more flavour?

I have found a great recipe from Gill Meller, a chef at River Cottage. His idea for sausage rolls is a flavour packed pork filling with rough-puff pastry. The filling itself includes thyme, sage and chives. I can easily imagine this being as part of a meal, with a lovely gravy and fresh veggies, or if preferred on it’s own as a rather filling snack!

In the video below, Gill makes his own pastry. Yes you can buy it but there’s nothing more satisfying than making your own. Not only that, it’s much easier than you think, as Gill demonstrates. With the flour he ads in cubes of butter but doesn’t rub them in. Instead he adds water and makes a dough. Rolling out the dough flattens the butter and, by creating multiple layers, you end up with the pastry becoming nice and flakey. Perfect!

This recipe is the sort of thing you can make on weekend and then freeze. Just pull them out as and when you need them.

If you like Gill’s recipe then check out his book, Gather. Available on Amazon in hardback and Kindle editions.

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