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Gennaro’s Red Chicory And Pancetta Pasta Dish

red chicory

In season right now, and available from your local market, is red chicory. It’s possible you might know chicory as ‘endive’ (which is what the French call it) but it’s not an alternative name. The endive is a variety of chicory, as explain on Wikipedia. They are closely related and often confused for each other. I often thinly slice endives for use in salads, the flavour is a nice contrast against tomatoes and cucumbers and I prefer it to lettuce.

What else can you do with red chicory, apart from flavouring coffee? The Italians use is as an ingredient for a sauce that’s paired with pancetta and pasta. The chicory is finely chopped and cooked with pancetta and plenty of Italian cheese – a great combination of flavours and yet, it’s all so very simple to do.

And of course, there is only one person to explain how to cook this lovely Italian dish – Gennaro!

If you’re a vegetarian, you can take out the pancetta and use veggie parmesan instead.

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