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Gennaro’s Homemade Italian Meatball Sub (Sandwich!)


There is a rather popular ‘fast food’ company who provides sandwiches with fillings that you can customise. I shan’t name them but for some reason they choose to use the word ‘sub’ when the word sandwich is perfectly correct and useable. After all, when a filling is applied between two pieces of bread, you get a sandwich. Why all the confusion with submarines?

Anyway, if you are thinking of shopping at the umentioned popular food chain and found the meatball sandwich a rather interesting proposition or perhaps enjoyed the meatball offering in the past, why not make your own instead? Once you’ve seen what the World’s most passionate chef can do, you’ll want to do it too!

So over to Gennaro Contaldo and very briefly Jamie Oliver…

Gennaro’s Italian Meatball Sub

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