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Gennaro Contaldo’s Fabulous Ricotta Ravioli

ravioli gennaro ricotta

I remember having ravioli as a kid, it came in a tin and was ‘meat’ flavoured. To be honest, the filling could of been anything as they all tasted the same. Weather it was the tomato sauce it came in or the filling had lost it flavour, they were all rather bland. Thankfully we are all much more aware of how good Italian food can be. And these days, Supermarkets often sell ravioli fresh, though if you feel up to it you can make it yourself. You’ll be amazed just how good fresh pasta really is.

If you were put off ravioli by your experiences with tinned versions, then it’s time you reaquainted yourself with it again. However, this time lets do it properly, and lets do it fresh! We know how good Italian food is, and just how simple it can be. So why not have a go at making it yourself?

There’s only person I can see who can make a perfect ravioli dish and passionately explain how to make it – the one and only Gennaro! He is everyone’s favourite Italian chef and is totally passionate about food!

Watch the video below and see how he puts together his ravioli dish. You’ll also get to see the Italian coastline behind him – beautiful food and beautiful views!


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